Sunday, April 7, 2013

Graduation Date Exhibits Quantum Behavior

Superintendent Morse wants everyone to know that graduation day is June 14th, 2013.  New Hampshire law is very clear that this cannot be changed without a waiver from the New Hampshire Education Commissioner.

The Oyster River school board voted to request a waiver from Education Commissioner Virginia Barry, asking to move graduation back to June 7th.  Only board member Newkirk voted against, saying "by asking for the waiver we continue an indefinite period of uncertainty about graduation." The superintendent vowed to call the commissioner's office asap.

[Update 5/1/13: As reported, the school received the waiver from the commissioner. Nonetheless, I just called the high school and they told me graduation date is June 14.]

The 7th was the original date, still on the district calendar as of this writing.  A surfeit of snow days forced the delay. Apparently we're required to actually spend some number of hours teaching the students before we hand them a diploma.   When we gonna git ridda doze dang gubmint reggalayshins?

Senior Pranav Nanda argues graduation should be June 7
Senior Pranav Nanda made a persuasive case that many people had made plans, purchased tickets, signed contracts to begin employment and so on, based on the original June 7th date.  These people have or will suffer real monetary losses if they change plans.  Many cannot reschedule due to cost or commitments and will not attend on the new date.

It just goes to show that procrastination can be prudent.  Apparently we saved this lesson for graduation day.

The board graciously allowed Mr. Nanda to exceed the three minute limit on public comments.  Congratulations to the young man for successfully persuading the board to seek a waiver.

Principal Allen reported that plans for switching graduation to June 14th are proceeding apace, and that there is no guarantee that we will be able to switch back to the 7th even if we are granted the waiver.

ORMS Principal Jay Richard will be partying with ORMS teacher Nate Grove and Commissioner Barry soon, and he promises to "put a good plug in" for the waiver.   Congratulations to Nate Grove for being nominated for 2014 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year.  In an unfortunate moment, Kanye West interrupted to announce "Mrs. Nadori is the Best Teacher o' All Time!"

This means you, Rubine!
Let's play a game.  First we divide into teams:  (A) People who had plans for June 7 and are holding onto them.   (B) People who had plans and changed them when the date changed.  (C) People who waited until winter was over to plan and now are in limbo.  Ready? On three, everybody yell at the board.

I want to send a big thank you out to Kathleen Young and Alexander Taylor in the booth for getting the videos of the meetings online so fast.  The minutes aren't even out yet, but here's the 4/3/2013 meeting we've been talking about.  Pranad starts at 1:00, board discussion at 18:30, 56:30 for Jay.

Oh, and I apologize to Pranav for referring to him as "Red Soccer Shirt Guy" in the past.

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