Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mr. Kach's Faux News Website

I run a biased blog here, and I don't try to hide that fact.   Practically every other sentence  is something like: Vote Tuesday for the TEAM - Tom, Ed, Al, and Maria!

But incumbent board member Jim Kach appears to really be trying to lure people to his site by deliberately conflating it with the official district site, and to further the ruse by calling his propaganda "NEWS".   This is low even by the standards of the current board.

You may know that the district's website is  Mr. Kach's website is, incredibly,    This seems a blatant attempt to confuse voters into thinking that they're looking at the official district site, when what they're really getting is Mr. Kach's propaganda.

But it's even more deceptive than that.    The banner on the site (reproduced below) reads "Oyster River School Board ELECTION NEWS."    It's not news -- it's his campaign's website.   I can't help but be reminded of Mr. Kach's deceptions that brought us illegal secret meetings and secret ballots, and his claims like he's supporting technology when he's really cutting technology.   After all the trouble he's gotten into with the New Hampshire courts, it's unbelievable that he is once again trying to deceive the community.   He's demonstrated once again he thinks transparency is optional, and that misleading the community is an OK way to get reelected, and to govern. 

Stop the deception.   Do not let this man represent Oyster River anymore.  Do not let this man represent YOU anymore.  I've already debunked his flyer and reminded everyone of his vile tweets. Please vote for Dr. Ed Charle this Tuesday.

- Dean Rubine, Lee

Update: I just noticed (8pm Friday Mar 9) the banner on has changed.  Of course, it's still the deceptive  Mr. Kach has come half way back to not deceiving the voters.  Kudos.  There's still a form on the right where you give Mr. Kach your email address and "Get the latest news!" and "Subscribe Now."    Here's a screenshot:

Want to email Mr. Kach? (yet another of his campaign sites -- he seems to have a few) gives his address as   No, not misleading at all.


  1. Thanks for posting this Dean. I am so disgusted with all of this mess.

  2. I wrote a letter to the board this morning, asking them to see whether or not this complies with their code of ethics, and asking them to tell Jim Kach to get a new domain name. Deceptive and sneaky--just like Jim Kach.

  3. Hi folks,
    I changed the format when Jeannie Sowers contacted me and expressed her concern.

    1. Mr. Kach,
      I wouldn't think you'd need to have someone 'express concern' in order to see that your original format was entirely inappropriate. I do wish you'd reconsider your desire to participate in school board business any further. The conflict and upset manifest during your tenure speak for itself. We lost a lot of good people. I would ask that you'd do yourself, and the OR community a favor, and please find another hobby.
      Steve Hobbs

  4. Mr. Kach, thank you for your comment and your modification. Please feel free to respond to anything else on the site.

    - Dean

  5. I worry what another 3 years would bring with Jim Kach on the School Board. In addition to his deceptive website he has a YouTube Channel. On this channel he has posted several videos of Mr. Colter. There is a non- disparagement clause in the buyout contract with Mr. Colter. I think Jim Kach with his past comments and innuendo crosses a fine line. Is he going to get the district sued by Mr. Colter if he has another 3 years on the School Board?

    I will be voting for Ed Charle who is calm, reasonable and has experience working with a wide variety of people.

  6. I appreciate that since I posted the message above, that Mr. Kach’s YouTube channel has been shut down. Although my concern was with the videos he was posting about Mr. Colter not all the others.

    This is another example of having to fix things after the fact, a major problem with many of the decisions the current School Board has made.