Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tom Newkirk at the Candidate Forums (video)

I've been told my blog is boring because it's insufficiently multimedia -- it's nothing but text.  There are no pictures.  I even do math on it sometimes.  It's like I'm trying to drive people away.  So here goes.

I haven't written much about the at-large seat on the board that's up for election.   That race is between Tom Newkirk and Peter Macdonald.  Both would be new to the board, and I'm pretty focused on the races in which current board members are running.  The incumbents deserve to lose, and we happen to have excellent alternatives.   I urge everybody to vote for Dr. Ed Charle and Maria Barth on Tuesday, March 13th.

I also support Tom Newkirk.   I'll let these videos speak for themselves.

Cody Jacobsen is the student representative to the board.   I've observed him in meetings for months now, and I've come to see him as an impressive young man.   At times he has demonstrated much more maturity than some of the senior members.   Here he is asking a very important question, and getting woefully inadequate and dissembling answers from Mr. Kach and Mr. Brackett.  They can't even agree on whether the first lawsuit is done.   At the evening forum Chairman Brackett and Member Kach both blamed their lawyer -- the lament of convicts everywhere.

- Dean

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