Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Busy Polls in Lee

Please check out my last post or the banner above if you're looking for information about voting in today's election. - Dean

The Lee Public Safety Complex was hopping today, as voters turn out to weigh in on school and town leaders and issues.   In addition to school board, Lee voters have a contested selectman's race and ballot questions on expanded Lee Speedway operations, a grass field in Little River Park and a new police cruiser.  Reports from Durham indicate a lower turnout than last year, with a less contentious school board race and no library initiative on the ballot.

It was a foggy morning at the polls, with the various sign-holders in opposing camps getting along nicely.  Selectman candidates Brackett and Dennis were there, and candidate and current school board member Newkirk stopped by for a while.   Candidate spouse Amy Piedmont came out for a spell as well.  Here are some pictures.

Sarah and Stephanie came out to hold signs for Rotner and Newkirk
Bob Barth flees from a mob wielding "Piedmont for School Board" signs

Chairman Barth wants us to know that standing next to Sarah here does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate
Shortly after this shot was taken, Jan Neill (not pictured), acting in official capacity in accordance with local election law, removed this poster from a car that was too close to the entrance, and then lectured us sign holders about the rules.   Right AFTER I voted for her.  In the back Bob Barth offers to be handcuffed for not showing his ID to vote.
Selectman candidates Henry Brackett (red coat) and Carole Dennis (tan coat)

Here's my completed school district ballot for your perusal.

Well I'm headed back there.  Vote for Rotner, Newkirk & Bugbee!


  1. Based on your write in, I also did the same!

  2. Thanks Seth. It would be great if Jocelyn won.

  3. i also did a write-in for moderator - DEAN RUBINE