Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kenny Rotner for School Board

Lots of letters in Foster's today.  I'm pretty sure Bob Barth is not going to be elected to anything.

Among the letters are mine and Ruth's, reproduced here for your convenience.  Carl Piedmont has attended a board meeting since I wrote my letter, and Kenny's made another public comment.

7 of the 31 public comments Kenny Rotner has made at school board in the last two years

Vote Rotner

To the editor: I am writing to encourage folks to vote for Dr. Kenny Rotner for Oyster River School Board on Tuesday. Dr. Rotner started Durham Family Health in 1986. I think he’s been living in that house right between the middle school and the high school ever since.

His daughter Emma did K-12 in the district, and Kenny was involved all along. His wife is Moharimet nurse Tracy Schroeder. Kenny’s patients included many students and their families. Through these experiences, Kenny has gained a uniquely broad yet intimate perspective on our schools and community. He is gravely aware of the stresses the increasing tax burden causes among us. It’s hard to imagine anything you could change about Kenny to make a better qualified candidate.

A quick search reveals 30 school board meetings at which Kenny Rotner made a public comment in the last two years. Thirty! It’s obvious he cares. His views, generally in line with the current board, are there on video or in the minutes for all to examine. has links to many of them.

District voters choose two, so I would urge them to also re-elect Tom Newkirk, who’s done a great job as vice-chair. The third choice, Carl Piedmont, is an unknown quantity. I think the Candidates Forum is the only school board related event he’s ever attended. He was obviously unprepared. He missed the earlier student forum. I’m glad that Mr. Piedmont wants to get involved, but he could have at least attended a board meeting before asking voters for a seat at the table.

Anyone who lived through Henry Brackett’s disastrous chairmanship of the school board that ended last March might be surprised to see he’s running for Lee Selectman this time. You may recall Henry’s board being found guilty of violating the Right To Know laws in two separate court cases, most spectacularly from Henry’s illegal, secret board meetings in the Durham Police Station. I’m urging Lee folks to save on lawyer bills by electing Scott Bugbee.

Dean Rubine


Vote Rotner

To the editor; I would like to encourage you to vote for Kenny Rotner, MD for one of the at large seats on the Oyster River Cooperative School Board.

Many of you have seen Dr. Rotner walking his golden retriever about town. You may have encountered him as a patient, as I did when he started the Durham Family Health medical practice. Or perhaps you have seen him at an Otters Swim meet, or some other school event. And you have heard his thoughtful and respectful remarks during our ORCSD school board meetings. I have always been impressed with his intelligence, his calm demeanor, and his dedication to our public schools. That is why I am endorsing him for school board.

I think Kenny will be a great board member, and will help to maintain the thoughtful, intelligent, and respectful tone that we have seen developing over the last year. Please vote for Kenny Rotner for the at-large seat on our school board.

You can also learn more about Kenny from his website at
Ruth Sample


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