Sunday, February 23, 2014

We Met the Candidates

Well, two out of three anyway.  Last Monday night about 17 citizens gathered to question the three candidates for two at-large school board seats, Denise Day, Sarah Farwell and Michael Williams.   Unfortunately Mr. Williams was traveling in Italy for work and could not attend.  His wife Laura read a statement then left the podium.  Three board members, Tom, Kenny and Ed, were in the audience.

You may watch the entire one hour meeting here:

I didn't find anything particularly surprising in the answers to the questions.  Rather than try to recap the meeting, I will direct everyone to the candidates' nascent websites,, and  (Full disclosure: I helped Denise and Sarah get their websites going.)

Here's a picture from the event.

Mr. Williams kindly sent me a new photo to replace the school board video frame I used before.  I also have pictures from Ms. Day and Ms. Farwell.   Here's the updated poster for the meeting that's already happened:

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