Friday, June 15, 2012

Mast Way Principal Search Nears Completion

Principal Carrie Vaich at Mast Way
Two principal candidates visited Mast Way on Tuesday, June 12.   Each spent 45 minutes meeting with teachers and 45 minutes meeting with parents.  Outgoing interim superintendent Levesque and incoming superintendent Morse were in attendance.

Rumor has it that Carrie Vaich has emerged as the leading candidate for the position.   Ms. Vaich is currently the principal of Winthrop Elementary School in Hamilton, Mass.   She lives in Barrington.  A quick Internet search finds she was job searching last year too. She told parents she hoped she would serve as Mast Way principal for many years and that she did not intend to use the position as a stepping stone in her career.

I think it's pretty likely that she'll be offered and will accept the position, so let me be the first to welcome her to Oyster River.  I commend both superintendents for filling the rash of administrative openings so well and so quickly.

Here is the information the Mast Way PTO provided the parents about Principal Vaich.    Thanks, Sarah and Sarah.  The scribbles and crinkles are my contribution.

While it would be desirable to hire a permanent principal next week, it is by no means essential. Hiring an interim principal and continuing the search over the next year remains a possibility.   After the superintendent salary controversy, I'm encouraging prudence and a return to more typical (meaning lower) salaries for all new hires.

I'm going to skip naming the other candidate to visit Mast Way.   Next time maybe you'll go to the meeting yourself.

Today was the last day of school.   The PTO hosted a going away party for Kris Gallo.   We all wish Kris the best of luck as principal of the brand new Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Concord, NH.
The PTO dedicates a plaque honoring Principal Gallo

Mrs. Burke's first grade class invites Principal Gallo to breakfast
I haven't gotten my act together to get a monthly roundup out for May, so let me just congratulate Catherine Plourde as the new Director of Special Services (basically taking over for Phyllis Schlichter) and Carolyn Eastman as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (taking over for Danielle Bolduc).   It looks likely the entire team will be in place when Dr. James Morse takes over on July 1.   (Friday night update:  I'm wrong about no more hiring -- I just heard about another major resignation that will be announced at the Wednesday board meeting.)

- Dean Rubine, Lee