Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Election Results - We Win!

I am thrilled to report the results of today's election.    We won everything.  The results are exactly what we've been working for these past few weeks.   Everyone on the T.E.A.M. won, and all the articles passed.   Congratulations Tom, Ed, Al and Maria.  

I want to thank all the people who worked so hard to get them elected.   For me, getting to know the people in the district has definitely been the best part of getting involved.    I also want to thank my beautiful wife Ruth, who got me started on all this, who's been working very hard in her own way for the T.E.A.M., and who bravely woke us all up in a way that ultimately led to today's victory. And I especially want to thank my readers and the entire community for overwhelmingly confirming my faith in the essential decency of our district.

It seems we are a vocal minority no longer.   We are now a vocal majority by a landslide!

I have shamelessly copied the election results from  Thanks, Stephanie.   You can also find the results on the district's site.  [Text continued below, after the results]

ORCSD Election Results

Moderator – 1 year term
Richard Laughton – 2345
School Board  
Durham – 3 year term
Al Howland – 2448
Lee – 3 year term
Maria Barth – 2020
Henry Brackett – 835
Madbury – 3 year term
Ed Charle – 1953
Jim Kach – 822
At Large – 1 year term 
Tom Newkirk – 2241
Peter Macdonald – 413
ARTICLE 3:  To approve the collective bargaining agreement for the Oyster River Paraprofessionals and Support staff (ORPaSS). 
YES 2072 passed
NO 1024
ARTICLE 4:  To approve the collective bargaining agreement for the Oyster River Bus Drivers’ Association (ORBDA).
YES 2309 passed
NO 797
ARTICLE 5:  To appropriate the sum of $47,000, requested by the Oyster River Sustainability Committee.
YES 1972 passed
NO 1089
ARTICLE 6: To continue the ORCSD Sustainability Committee, established in Mar. 2011.
YES 2147 passed
NO 900
ARTICLE 7:  To approve the operating budget, totaling $38,360,788.  Should this article be defeated, the operating budget shall be $38,257,079 (Default Budget).
YES 1675 passed
NO 1332

These are not just wins -- this is a major landslide.  Here are the results of the school board races as percentages:

At Large:     Tom Newkirk      84%           Peter Macdonald    16%
Madbury:     Ed Charle            70%           Jim Kach                 30%
Durham:       Al Howland       100%
Lee:             Maria Barth          71%          Henry Brackett        29%

That's some T.E.A.M!  Ed Charle was our slacker, winning only 70% of the electorate.  Al actually got a lot more votes than the moderator.

I would venture to say such a resounding defeat of incumbents is extremely rare.   Mitt Romney sure isn't going to win by 40% like Ed and Maria did.  It's all the more incredible when you recall that a month ago very few in the district even knew the names Maria Barth and Ed Charle.   I think we can safely call this a mandate for change.

The community has spoken loud and clear. I am hopeful that everyone will join me in supporting our new board as they tackle the tough problems we face.  This is our opportunity  to unite as a community, and to heal our district.  Let's not screw it up.

Finally, I want to thank outgoing board member Jim Kach and outgoing chairman Henry Brackett for their service.   I've been hard on them this past month, but that's over now.  I know they've worked tirelessly for our district.   I know they have always had the best interests of the district at heart.   And they have accomplished plenty of admirable things: the ORDBA and ORPaSS deals are very good, the interim superintendent Lee Levesque is great, and we have high hopes for the new superintendent, Dr. James Morse.  I could go on.  I have no doubt that Jim and Henry will continue to contribute positively to our district.  I wish them well.

- Dean


  1. Thanks to both you Dean as well as to Ruth for all of the hard work you both have done.
    As a very wise man was known to have often said, "nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile".